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Troodon – MOTOBIKE ONE for one manufacturer

14 000  excl. VAT

Troodon diagnostic interface designed for connection to a personal computer. Serial diagnostics for one motorcycle manufacturer. One year of free updates, additional updates are optional.

Modern diagnostic interface for connection to a personal computer. OBD Troodon is an ideal partner for vehicle workshops of any size. This communication module opens up the possibilities of full serial diagnostics of the vehicle, allows access to all control units in the vehicle and provides all diagnostic functionality in a compact, affordable package. The interface can be connected to any personal computer running a Windows operating system.

Supported diagnostic features

  • ECU identification
  • Reading and clearing DTCs from ECU memory
  • Vehicle parameters monitoring
    • Visual data representation (graph mode)
    • Data logging for any number of parameters
  • Actuator testing procedures
  • Additional features
    • ECU configuration/adaptation
    • Sensor calibration
    • DPF regeneration
    • Component replacement functions and configurations
    • Service and oil change interval reset
    • Various other procedures specific for each vehicle

Support for specific control units depends on the actual units available in the vehicle and their support for specific functions.

MOTOBIKE ONE Software suite

Diagnostics for one selected vehicle manufacturer or automotive group. Supported vehicles are dependent on selected variant. For a comprehensive list of supported vehicles (including vehicles NOT available in this product variant) visit the manufacturers website at

We also offer specific diagnostic suites for any combination of manufacturers. Contact us via e-mail or contact form.

Items in this set

  • Troodon diagnostic interface
  • Preinstalled diagnostic software suite MOTOBIKE ONE (as described above + standard E-OBD/OBD II diagnostics)
  • USB cable (3m)
  • CD/flash drive containing PC Center diagnostic software suite
  • 12V/1A power supply
  • 1 year license for SW updates (all updates are optional, additional licenses available for purchase at any time)

Weight 175 g
Dimensions 147 × 46 × 61 mm
Diagnostics type

, ,

Variant selection

BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM


OBD II 16-pin connector, RJ45 Ethernet (100 Mbps), USB 2.0 type B

OBD diagnostics

CAN ISO 11898, Fault tolerant CAN ISO 11519, K-line, L-line, VPW, PWM

Power supply

12V DC (vehicle), USB (limited functionality)

Other features

Bluetooth, Status LEDs, Wifi


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